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 We’re All Involved In This Mess is an experimental performative exhibition that took place in EnclaveLab in London, from April 27 until May 13, 2017. The exhibition consisted of a flux of performances and on-site creations in which artists engaged both with the space and with the previous works, leaving a succession of traces along the way.

 We’re All Involved in This Mess is a self-fulfilling, evolving exhibition created through sedimentation. The individual practices become dissolved and therefore it is impossible to clearly identify authorship. The project aims to blur theexhibitionary boundaries that usually divide exhibition and production, studio and gallery. It is an exercise in collaborative work and collectiveness in the age of detachment.  

 The exhibition unfolded over three weeks, with each weekend beginning with an evening-long marathon of performances. Over the weekend, the gallery was open for visitors to see the artists’ traces accompanied by video documentation of the previous performance day. The performances were live-streamed on Youtube and concurrently screened at Buster Mantis (3-4 Resolution Way). 

Participating artists, in order of appearance: 

Charles Harrison, They Are Here, Caroline Mackenzie, Joseph Steele, Ezra Jude, Catinca Malaimare, Colette Patterson, Valerie Kong, Alice Jacobs, Amy Ball, Javier Chozas, John Fletcher, Gabriella Hirst, Human Interference Task Force, Saskia Fischer, Drifters, Emily Perry, Caterina Gobbi, Chooc Ly Tan, Baba Ali, Lucia Fontanelli, Concettu Ragatzu, Marta Ferro, Paniattack Duo, Hugh Smyth, Mati Jhurry, Savio Debernardis, Monica Tolia, Marcel Darienzo, Rafal Zajko.


Evelina Åhrman, Sophie Bownes, Lucy Cowling, Claudia Gangemi, Johanna Hardt, John Harris, Jinho Lim, Felice Moramarco, Alice Ongaro, Natalija Paunic, Andrew Price, Róisín O'Sullivan, Sayori Radda, Katie Simpson, Marian Stindt, Riet Timmerman, Katie Yook

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